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    Tennessee Association for Marriage and Family Therapy

                                                  618 Church Street, Suite 220
                                                       Nashville, TN  37219


Our mission is to advance the profession and the practice of marriage and family therapy as a means of promoting marriage and family well being.
Company Overview
TAMFT is a division of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy.
Our purpose is to:
  • to promote the common professional interests of those who are marriage and family therapists;
  • to represent marriage and family therapy as a mental health profession to the public and before governmental bodies; 
  • to establish and maintain professional standards in marriage and family therapy through meetings, clinical sessions, publications, research and other activities and;
  • to cooperate with other organizations and agencies in furthering the marriage and family profession.

TNAMFT Award Nomination Form

TNAMFT will be partnering with TLPCA 

to host the 

 Counseling and Therapy Summit 2018


Check out the Conference Website for more information.


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